Biciklom od Tadžikistana do Japana

  • Biciklom od Tadžikistana do Japana
  • Biciklom od Tadžikistana do Japana
  • Biciklom od Tadžikistana do Japana

Dado Delić je stigao u Tadžikistan, početnu tačku 13.500 kilometara dugog putovanja prema Japanu na koje se odvažio biciklom.

Piše: Dado Delić

Kao što to jedna ruska poslovica lijepo reče “jedno danas vrijedi, više nego dva sutra”, odlučio sam da ostanem još jedan dan u Dušanbeu i vidim kakvi su mi izgledi u dvoboju sa sudbinom. Iako sam u momentu dok ovo pišem, već trebao voziti negdje u pravcu Pamira, znao sam da su iznenađenja moguća u zadnjem momentu, a izgledi u ovakvim situacijama, većinom na mojoj strani.

Documentary screening in Travnink – A wonderful night with The Rolling Drifter!

Last night’s screening of my new documentary “Cycling from BiH to Uzbekistan”  in my hometown Travnik was just amazing! The support of my fellow citizens gives me so much strength and good energy while preparing for my trip to Japan! Thank you dear friends!

I also want to  show my gratitude to the University of Vitez  in Travnik for  letting us use their permises for this event!

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Support my Project on Indiegogo!

Dear friends, we’ve just launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to raise enough money to continue my “The Rolling Drifter Cycling Around The Globe – Cycling from Tajikistan to Japan” project. With one click you can support me and the organization “Novi Val” from Blagaj, that gathers children and youth from divided cities and entities to come together for sports and learning about ecology.

With one click you support this project and you get awesome stuff in return! CKLICK ON THE LINK AND SHARE! Thanks!‪#‎DadoDelic‬ ‪#‎THRD‬ ‪#‎cycling‬ to ‪#‎Japan‬

Last night’s premiere of “Cycling from Bosnia-Herzegovina to Uzbekistan” was a total success!

I am still  overwhelmed by impressions and reactions to my new documentary “Cycling from Bosnia-Herzegovina to Uzbekistan” that had it’s premiere screening last night in Art Cinema Kriterion in Sarajevo. The cinema hall was full to the last seat! People were even standing and sitting on the floor in front of the stage. I was happy to see you all laughing and listening so carefully to my stories!

The open discussion  after the screening and presentation lasted for an hour and a half. I shared my experiences, untold stories and situations answering various questions about technical and non-technical aspects of my trips, speaking of intimate moments, exchanges and future plans. I also used this opportunity to announce my Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo that will be launched soon!

It is truly amazing to see how many people are following and supporting me!

I am so proud and thankful to my team, my friends and all the people that managed to come to Art Cinema Kriterion and support my project!

Getting ready!

Today I went shopping for some new equipment in Graz, Austria. I bought some  awesome and durable tires and on my way I stopped by to sign a World peace petition sharing love and showing some solidarity! Awesome day!

Media Reports

Here are some links of various Bosnian and regional internet news portals reporting on my previous trips! – To Uzbekistan by bike in 100 days! – From Sarajevo to Uzbekistan by bike! – Dado Delic on his long trip to Uzbekistan – Dado Delic reporting on his trip to Uzbekistan – No Pasaran! – Young Bosnian who traveled by bicycle to Morocco arrived back home! – Back from Morocco – Bosnian guy who traveled to Morocco arrived back home! – Trip to Morocco – Bosnian guy who traveled to Morocco arrived safe back home! – Cycling to Morocco! – About Dado Delic – To Morocco by bike and back! – Youg guy from Travnik, Bosnia-Herzegovina traveled to Morocco by bike! – He passed 4690km on his way to Morocco by bike!




Cycling to Japan!


Road Map Trip to Japan

Road Map Trip to Japan

I am happy and excited to announce my cycling trip from Uzbekistan  to Japan within my Cycling around the Globe Tour! In 2014 traveled by bike from Bosnia-Herzegovina to Uzbekistan in 102 days and passed 5400 kilometers. In April 2016 I will continue my tour from Uzbekistan to Japan. This will be my most challenging experience so far as it will take me around 7 months and 13000 kilometers to reach Tokyo. I will pass through Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, China, South Korea and then reach my final destination – Japan. You will be able to follow me on this Blog, my Facebook Fan Page, Twitter and YouTube Channel! More news and info coming soon!